A MobileHCI tutorial is an in depth presentation of one or several state of the art topics presented by researchers or practitioners within the field of Mobile HCI. The scope for the tutorials is broad and includes topics such as research approaches and methodologies, design practices, user/consumer insights, investigations into technologies/services/applications/interfaces, and much more.

A tutorial should focus on its topic in detail and include references to the "must read" papers within its domain. A participatory approach in which the tutorial participants are encouraged to actively engage in exercises is welcomed, though not required.

The expected audience will vary in terms of prior knowledge and will consist of researchers, Ph.D. students, practitioners, and educators.


Submission: Proposals for a tutorial (1-3 hours) should be sent directly to the Tutorial Chairs ()
Submission deadline: 18th February, 2011.
Submission format: The proposals should specify a brief biography of the presenter(s), the title and an outline providing sufficient information about the scope of the topic and the depth to which it will be covered.