Short papers

May, 26th: deadline for revised versions for shepherd

June, 9th: camera-ready versions

Short papers offer a focused contribution to the research program. Short papers are not work in progressreports but offer completed, rigorously researched/developed work that makes a significant contribution to the field of MobileHCI. Short papers may contibuted to any of the areas listed as the main topic areas of the MobileHCI conference.  Short papers are likely to have a smaller scope of contribution than full papers, but their contribution is expected to be a solid contribution to the field. For example, short papers on applications may not cover the entire iterative design cycle (observation, design, implementation, evaluation, etc.) but may instead go into depth in specific areas. Short papers may offer details of a design process, an evaluation, an implementation, technical discovery, etc. Short papers are expected to cite work that is directly relevant to their content but do not need to fulfill the breadth and depth of coverage required by long papers.

Short papers must be anonymized and no more than 4 pages long, including figures, references, and appendices. Short papers must contain an abstract that is less than 150 words long and clearly states the paper's contribution to the MobileHCI field. Submitted PDFs must be no larger than 4 megabytes. Please use the MobileHCI 2011 Archive format for detailed information on how your short paper should be written and formatted. Authors may also submit illustrative videos to accompany their papers. These should be uploaded as additional files. Videos cannot exceed 40 megabytes.

Authors must provide a 30 word contribution and benefits statement for their Paper. A contribution/benefit statement describes the contribution made by the Paper to HCI and the benefit that readers can gain from reading the paper. The contributions and benefit statements must be entered when the Paper is submitted as a separate file, and will be seen and assessed by reviewers along with the Paper. This statement should also be appended as an additional page of your PDF file with no other content on this page.

Short papers undergo a rigorous review process, managed by the Program chairs and a committee of meta-reviewers. Confidentiality of submissions is maintained during the review process. All rejected submissions will be kept confidential in perpetuity. All submitted materials for accepted submissions will be kept confidential until the start of the conference. Final camera-ready versions of accepted short papers must be accompanied by a signed copyright form.

Accepted Short Papers will be distributed in the conference proceedings in digital format. They will also be placed in the ACM Digital Library, where they will remain accessible to thousands of researchers and practitioners worldwide.

If you have questions about Short Papers for MobileHCI2011, contact the Programme Chairs Elizabeth Churchill and Albrecht Schmidt at 

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