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MobileHCI 2011 will stretch over 4 days and be split into two parts: one day of workshops and three days with research presentations. There are also social and demonstration activities scheduled during breaks and evenings.

The main Conference: Presentation Sessions and Posters

The main part of the conference consists of researchers presenting their work to the research community. Papers are selected through standard peer-reviewing by 3 reviewers each, and will be published by ACM as printed proceedings as well as in their digital library. In MobileHCI 2010, the acceptance rates were 23.4% for full papers and 17.5% for short papers.

The presentations of the papers will be split into two tracks spread over three full days. During breaks between sessions, research results from posters and demos will be presented.


Conference participants may sign up for workshops on different themes held during the full day prior to the main conference. These are usually organized by smaller groups of researchers by submitting proposals of themes that they find relevant for the Mobile HCI community. These workshops can take different forms depending on topic, but with the general goal to open discussion, provide feedback and to lead research ideas forward. These workshops may be arranged around wide variety of themes, e.g. health care, mobile phone use in schools, playfulness. When a theme for a workshop has been defined, invitations are sent out to researchers in the community to submit a position paper on this theme to present and discuss at the workshop. The position papers are reviewed and selected by those organising each workshop.

Keynote Speakers

Jeanna Kimbré, Manager, Colours & Materials, Creative Design Centre, Sony Ericsson Sweden


Head of Creative Product Design at UXC Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications

As the Head the Creative Product Design team in the Creative Design Centre, she is part of the team responsible for the creation of Sony Ericsson's innovative range of mobile phone handsets and peripherals. Creative product designs team consists of Industrial Design, Graphics (Hardware and packaging), 3D surface modelling and Visualisation and Colour& Material.

With experience in both the European and Asian markets, Kimbré has worked in a range of different fields within the design industry since 1995. She has managed designs for international product lines manufactured by companies including Electrolux, Tupperware, Lego, Black & Decker and Sony Ericsson.

Kimbre's concepts and products have been exhibited at the Cannes, 3GSM and CeBit Telecoms Fair on numerous occasions, and she was awarded the International 3D design award.

She holds a Master's degree from the Royal College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.


Adrian Cheok, Professor, Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University, Japan