Sponsoring MobileHCI 2011

Being a sponsor of MobileHCI 2011 is the ideal way to show your organization’s commitment and interest in the field of mobile and wearable computing devices and services. Also it is an excellent opportunity to present your company to top researchers in the mobile field. Sponsors are very important to the conference and the organizing committee ensures that their contribution is well recognized.

The sponsoring of this conference series, during the previous 12th editions, includes: governmental established agencies and organizations, like SenterNovem of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs (MobileHCI’08) , Germany’s UMIC (MobileHCI’09) or Anacom (MobileHCI´10); research institutes, such as Fraunhofer (MobileHCI’09) or Singapore’s MXR (MobileHCI’07); mobile telecommunications companies, like Vodafone (MobileHCI’08); mobile hardware and software creators, such as RIM (MobileHCI’08) and Microsoft (MobileHCI 02-05); and of course NOKIA that has a long time sponsoring agreement with the conference series and has sponsored it since its 1st edition back in 1998, in Glasgow.

Current Sponsors