Welcome to MobileHCI 2011

The Mobile HCI conference is at the centre of the most expanding area of computing, i.e. the astonishing emergence of a mobile application market and the expansion of internet services to wide and mobile user groups. It is the leading conference in the field of Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services. MobileHCI is now on its 12th Edition with some of the previous events taking place in Lisbon (2010), Bonn (2009), Amsterdam (2008), Singapore (2007), Espoo (2006), Salzburg (2005), Glasgow (2004), Udine (2003), Pisa (2002), Lille (2001), Edinburgh (1999), Glasgow (1998).


Markus Bylund (General Chair), Oskar Juhlin (Program Chair), Ylva Fernaeus (Program Chair) and Maria Holm (Local Chair)